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NCAA Bracket Predictions 2011: Will George Mason Advance Past The First Round?

Trying to predict the NCAA Tournament bracket is a bit of a fool's errand, so I'm going to try to help you out (as if I knew any better). I'm going to take a deeper look at the potential tournament matchups of each of the local teams and try to predict how far they will advance. Let's take a look at the Patriots of George Mason.

George Mason is the eighth seed in the East Region and faces a bit of enigma in ninth seeded Villanova in the first round. Villanova was a top-25 team for most of the year, but they fell off the map towards the end of the year. They looked really bad at the end of the year and got beat by an even worse USF in the Big East Tournament. USF!. They haven't been playing like they are capable of, but that certainly doesn't mean that they are a team to take lightly.

I can see Villanova responding to their late season swoon in two ways. They can either come out like the team we expected them to be and be a force in the tournament, or they can continue their disappointing slide and lay down in the first round. I think that George Mason is good enough to beat them no matter how they come out. It won't be easy if they are playing well, but I like Mason in this one.

Unfortunately, I stop liking Mason immediately thereafter. The worst part about being an eight seed isn't that you have to play "in theory" the hardest lower seeded team in your region' it's that even if you do advance you have to take on the top seed in the next round. In Mason's case, that's the Tournament's overall No. 1 seed Ohio St. Even if they beat Villanova, I can't imagine them being very competitive against the Buckeyes.