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NCAA Bracket Predictions 2011: Will VCU Justify Their Inclusion In The Tournament Field?

Trying to predict the NCAA Tournament bracket is a bit of a fool's errand, so I'm going to try to help you out (as if I knew any better). I'm going to take a deeper look at the potential tournament matchups of each of the local teams and try to predict how far they will advance. Let's take a look at the Rams of VCU.

VCU was one of if not the most controversial inclusions in the NCAA Tournament field this year. When pundits wanted to express their outrage over Virginia Tech and Colorado not making the field, they chose VCU as the team to take out their anger on. There's no denying that the Rams are among the least talented teams in the field, so will they be able to justify their inclusion?

In a word, no. Even if they win the play-in game against USC, that won't earn them very many brownie points because people (including myself) tend to discount those games. This is the first year that a play-in game will decide a seed other than 16th, so it will be interesting to see how that is handled, but I still don't think a Rams win would change people's minds about their inclusion in the field.

A win in the next round probably would, but I don't think that VCU, or even USC if they advance for that matter, have a very good chance against Georgetown. I don't think VCU gets any further than the play-in game, and they definitely won't beat Georgetown. And when they lose, you'll hear the talking head resume their Va Tech and Colorado talk, so look forward to that.