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VCU Vs. USC, 2011 NCAA Tournament: VCU and USC Tied 22-22 At Halftime

In what I can only nicely call a "good" half of basketball, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Southern California Trojans are tied 22-22 at halftime of the final "First Four" game of the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Four ties and eight lead changes can't stop the "this game is setting basketball back 100 years" and "James Naismith is rolling over in his grave" jokes, and if you've been subjected to this first half, we can all agree we just want  the Rams and Trojans to make a shot, any shot, please.

The team I am quite obviously biased towards is shooting 28%, BUT their opponent has shot 40% and somehow still matched their point futility total. But enough with the negatives...

VCU has held down USC's WWF Superstar, Nikola Vucevic. VCU's "star" Jamie Skeen has not only shown up but appears ready to shine under the bright lights (if i may type such cliched terms).

Frankly, I'm just happy we have a good "play-in" game and that we get to see excellent collegiate athletes at their peak, against the best, at least "the best" as defined by the world wide leader. See you all at the final buzzer.