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2011 NCAA Tournament: Win Over USC Vindicates VCU

We all heard the pundits talk about VCU inclusion in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. They all felt like they were the worst team in the field (or second worse to UAB) and that there were other teams out there that were much more qualified than them to take their spot. There was nothing the Rams could do to fight back against the belief until they stepped on the court with USC, a team that everyone was comfortable with including in the field, last night.

When the two teams hit the court, only one of them looked like a definite tournament team, and it wasn't the Trojans of Souther Cal. After the Rams walked away with a 59-46 win, it was finally time for the VCU players and coaches finally got the chance to do a little talking. According to Tim Pearrell of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Rams coach Shaka Smart didn't wast any time going right at those who doubted him.

“You guys think Jay Bilas watched that game?” Smart said.

Forward Jamie Skeen echoed the sentiment.

“It feels really good because a lot of people were doubting us, and we were able to come out and prove some people wrong,” said forward Jamie Skeen, who had 16 points and nine rebounds. “Instead of just talking about it . . . we just came out here and played.”

A win by the Rams in their next game against Georgetown would make this Tournament run even sweeter.

If you haven't filled out your bracket yet, it's not too late! We have a printable bracket that's been updated to reflect the results of the first-four wins.