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Bucknell Looks To Shock Connecticut At 2011 NCAA Tournament

The Verizon Center is hosting four first round games of the 2011 NCAA Tournament on Thursday that will feature some of the best teams in the Nation. You can find the schedule for Thursday's games here. We're going to preview each of the eight teams that will be playing on Thursday. Here's a look at Bucknell, Connecticut's opponent.


Bucknell Bison:

Coach: Dave Paulsen

Conference: Patriot League

Record: 25-8 (13-1)

Best Player And Why: Mike Muscala is one of the top inside threats you'll see on any small-college team. He's the team's leading scorer and rebounder, and will be a load even against the Huskies.

Strength: The Bison do pretty much everything well, and in particular are an outstanding defensive team.

Weakness: They're a little weak on the perimeter around Muscala, though that hasn't been an issue in Patriot League games.

Starting Lineup: Bryan Cohen -- Darryl Shazier -- Bryson Johnson -- Joe Willman -- Mike Muscala

Prediction: They'll keep it close against Connecticut, but I'm guessing they will come up short.