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Bucknell Vs. Connecticut Score Update: UConn Has Comfortable 39-22 Lead Over Bucknell At Halftime

For UConn, it's been no Kemba Walker, no problem.

Jeremy Lamb has 11 points to lead the Huskies to a 39-22 lead over the Bucknell Bison at Verizon Center.

Walker, UConn's most prolific scorer, only has six points in the first half. In fact, Kemba didn't score until he made a free throw at the 10:42 mark. The Huskies had 21 points at the time, but Walker had eight assists to help his teammates out. Roscoe Smith had 10 points, including eight of UConn's first 16.

The Huskies' 17 point lead is their biggest of the game, but it didn't come easy. Bucknell responded to UConn's offensive bursts early, but the Huskies pulled away by using their size and strength advantage as well as their solid shooting from the field; they shot 51 percent from the field and hit five threes.

Mike Muscala has six points for the Bison.