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Montrose Christian Junior Justin Anderson Will Announce College Decision Today

Montrose Christian has been turning out top D-1 Prospects like a factory over the last few years, but somehow, Maryland hasn't had the best luck getting their top players. Sure, he got Greivis Vasquez from Montrose, but that was the same year that his teammate Kevin Durant decided to go to Texas.

That might change this afternoon. Montrose junior Justin Anderson will anounce his college decision at 5 p.m. today on CSN, and according to Josh Barr of the Washington Post, he is expected to pick the Terps.

Justin Anderson, the Montrose Christian junior forward best known for his incredible athletic ability will announce his college choice Thursday and is expected to commit to play for Maryland, according to sources familiar with the situation.

In Anderson's case, "Best known for his athletic ability" is a bit of an understatement. Anderson has been on the National scene since he was a freshman because he has always had jaw-dropping athletic ability. And because he is only a junior, there is still time for his body to mature and grow.

This would be a huge get for the Terps. The contributions he would make on the court are fairly obvious. He is the kind of star player that could draw some serious attention for the program. And it is always important for Gary Williams to get the biggest in-state prospects. He still has a year of High School basketball to play, but if he does go with the Terps, it will be hard for Maryland fans to contain their excitement.

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