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NCAA Tournament Scores: VCU Leads Purdue 65-48 With Ten Minutes To Play

VCU has extended its halftime lead to a healthy 17 points midway through the second half, and now leads Purdue 65-48 behind the continued stellar play of senior guard (and Energizer Bunny clone) Joey Rodriguez. Rodriguez has 11 points, eight assists and two rebounds. Juvonte Reddic, Bradford Burgess and Brandon Rozzell have all chipped in double-digit point totals for a well-balanced VCU attack. The Rams are shooting 27 of 48 from the floor, good for 56 percent (18 assists to boot).

I hate to agree with Bob Weenzel on anything, ever, but Purdue seems to be ingnoring reality, continually letting Rams players dirve the lane and kick for easy shots. Matt Painter might want to make an adjuistment before this 17 point lead becomes 27.

The Rams are ten minutes of play from the Sweet Sixteen. Fearign the basketball (and karma) gods, I will just leave it at that right now (though @jaybilas, you might want to turn off twitter tonight if this result holds).