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VIDEO: JaVale McGee With The Block Of The Year

This JaVale McGee block is silly. He comes across from the foul line to erase a baseline drive from Wesley Matthews by simply plucking the ball out of the air. Then he stares Matthews down. Nasty.

(Video via the inexhaustible @outsidethenba)

Look familiar? Well, it's basically a reincarnation of perhaps the most awesome dunk in NBA history. LaPhonso Ellis approves.

Of course, McGee also sported "possibly the weakest move by a big man ever." Baby steps. That video and a GIF of this block after the jump.

Here's the matching moment of epic fail. Behold, The ying of despair to the yang of awesome block-itidude.

That's just ... that's not good.

And as promised, the GIF of the block (via Bullets Forever commenter StillUnknown).


In sum, this is an undeniable fact: The Wizards sure are interesting to watch. Sometimes it's important to remember you might just need to to do so with your hands covering your eyes.