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Wizards Vs. Clippers: John Wall, Washington Look To Rebound In Los Angeles

Let's agree to forget about Tuesday night in Portland. Good, moving on to Wizards vs. Clippers on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. John Wall and Washington will be looking for to end a seven-game road losing streak. They've won once away from the Verizon Center. You know all of this.

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These two teams met recently when the Blake Show came to D.C. and the Clippers trounced Washington 122-101. Or as Bullets Forever editor Mike Prada remembers it, the game where "Griffin was given just about every single call the referees could think of and spent most of the second half on the bench reclining and being fed grapes by a league official." I was in Costa Rica at the time, so I'll have to take his word for it.

Mike also notes that the Wizards' effort in that contest was one of the worst of the year. That's a strong statement given number of no-shows this season. As Mo Evans pointed out before the trip, effort is going to go a long way toward making these West Coast contests into winnable games. See: Tuesday night in Portland. (Oh, right -- we agreed to forget about that. Sorry!)

Wall and Griffin -- the previous two No. 1 overall draft picks -- will be center stage once again in this showdown. Will the result be any different for the Wizards?

Also, check out the action at SB Nation Los Angeles, who reminds us that DeAndre Jordan will be out tonight for the Clippers.