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2011 NCAA Tournament: Richmond Playing Top Seeded Kansas In Sweet 16 Action

The second night of the Sweet 16 of the 2011 NCAA Tournament is tonight, and it features the Richmond Spiders, who have played their way onto National consciousness with a strong run through the Tournament's first weekend. But their path gets considerably harder tonight when they face Kansas. The game starts at 7:27 and can be seen on TBS.

Kansas is one of the favorites for the tournament at this point, and they have a number of players that will be matchup problems for the Spiders. It all starts with the Morris twins, who can wreak havoc on even the best front lines. This might be the first time in the tournament that Richmond's Justin Harper isn't bigger than his opponent. They also have a lot of talent on other parts of the court, and it will be hard for Richmond to match that.

We'll be covering this game tonight, and you can find all the latest news and notes about this game here.


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