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2011 NCAA Tournament: VCU Takes On Florida St. In Sweet 16 Action

There were a lot of people that were upset when VCU was first included in the 2011 NCAA Tournament, but you don't hear a lot from them these days now that the Rams have made the Sweet 16. They got a pretty good tournament draw and will have to face No. 10 seed Florida St., after facing two single seeded teams in the last two rounds. The game starts at 9:57 and can be seen on TBS.

In terms of their style of play, the Seminoles will actually be a pretty tough matchup for the Rams. VCU has made it this far by being surprisingly athletic, willing to defend for 40 minutes, and out-hustling their opponents. That is the exact type of gameplan that makes Florida St. so good. It is possible that VCU will just have to play a version of themselves with ACC level talent, and that could be a problem for them. But if they come into the game with the same tenacity and effort that they have so far this tournament, there is no reason why they can't advance even further.

We'll be covering this game tonight, so check back in this stream for the latest news and notes about it.

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