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Nyjer Morgan's Future With Nationals In Jeopardy After Spring Training

Once Nyjer Morgan lost the Nationals' starting center field job to Rick Ankiel at the tail end of 2011 Spring Training, the question immediately shifted to his future with the organization. It appears, now, that Morgan's days with the team are numbered, and it's only a matter of time before he is officially led go.'s Bill Ladson reports that Morgan himself believes he will not be on the team's Opening Day roster.

CF Nyjer Morgan believes his days wth the #Nats are numbered. He does not expect to be with the team by Opening Day.    

If true, it remains unclear whether Morgan would be traded, released or simply sent down to the Minor Leagues. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that the Brewers were interested in Morgan, but have decided to pass on acquiring him. No other team has surfaced yet as possibly being interested in Morgan. 

Morgan entered Spring Training as the team's starting center fielder, but struggled early and never regained his position. He had a poor year last year, both on and off the field, after showing promise in the weeks after being acquired from the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2009.