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VCU Vs. Kansas Score: VCU Stretches Lead To 39-21 With 3:25 Remaining In First Half

The VCU Rams have taken absoute control of this game, and as a result lead Kanas 39-21 with less than four minutes to play before the half. VCU has shot an absurd nine of 15 from downtown, outscoring Kansas by 24 points from behind the arc.

For Kansas, if your last name is not Morris (or Selby), you have not scored this afternoon. This is not what Bill Self drew up on the old whiteboard before the game, I assure you. To make matters worse, Markieff Morris has six turnovers to negate his nine points. Borther Marcus has 10 points and eight rebounds, but the contribution has gone virtually unnoticed.

Kansas appears to have no answer for the VCU pressure, and in fact appears shellshocked. Coach Bill Self needs to find a way to calm down both his players and the pace of this game, or Kansas is in real fear of being run out of the gym by the Colonial Athletic Association's fourth place team.