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NCAA Tournament: Jamie Skeen Wins Region's Most Outstanding Player Award

Fresh off of their stunning 71-61 victory over Kansas, the VCU Rams got another treat, with Rams forward Jamie Skeen wins the regionals most outstanding player award. 

In today's game, Skeen came up huge for the Rams, as he posted up 26 points against the Jayhawks to go along with 9 rebounds. So far during this tournament run, Skeen has finished each game with double digit point totals, as he has averaged 15 points per game during that stretch.

Today's game was such a back and forth affair between these two teams (especially in the second half) that an effort such as Skeen's was needed. Every time it looked like the Jayhawks were going to come back and tie the game, Skeen was usually the player who came up big with either a clutch basket, a big rebound, or drawing a huge foul call.

Skeen went to Wake Forest early in his college career, but things didn't work out there and he transferred to VCU. Looks like that was a good decision.