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Wizards Vs. Warriors: John Wall, Washington Still Winless On Road Trip

This has been another disappointing road trip in a season filled with them for Washington. But this Wizards vs. Warriors matchup could change that, if John Wall and Co. can find their second road win of the season against Golden State.

Monta Ellis, Steph Curry and the Warriors are out of the Western Conference playoff picture and recently lost six straight games in which they allowed at least 100 points. Then again, the Warriors topped the Wizards 106-102 in D.C. on March 2, and are coming off an 138-130 (!) win against the Raptors.

Once again, the Wizards road losing streak is providing an exciting (depressing?) story line, as Washington hopes to avoid becoming historically futile. This time, the Wizards are in danger of joining the 1990-91 Kings as the only two teams to win just one road game in a season. Washington has six more chances to get that done, and the best chance is when they visit the Cavaliers on the last game of the season. Cleveland is the site of Washington's lone road win, which we all remember fondly.

Of course, all that is moot if the Wizards win Sunday night against Golden State.

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