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VCU's Final Four Run Leads To Selling Of 'There Goes My Bracket' T-Shirts


As you'd probably guess, very few people predicted that VCU would make it to the 2011 Final Four. Yet VCU did it anyway, completing a stunning run through the Southwest region of the NCAA bracket. Therefore, it only makes sense for the school to capitalize on the team's success.

The athletic department has chosen to capitalize by selling this T-shirt. It reads "There Goes My Bracket," and there's an image of a crumpled piece of paper that is supposed to signify a printable bracket gone wrong. Here's how the website describes the shirt:


Brag about the Rams' serious bracket-busting skills when you celebrate their unpredicted appearance among the unstoppable Final Four teams of the 2011 Men's Basketball Tournament with this clever There Goes My Bracket tee. It features a crumpled ball of paper graphic over stylized "There Goes My Bracket!" lettering and the school's logo. This tee makes sure that everyone knows you're more than proud to see such an upset!

This collector's item can be all yours for $19.95, plus shipping and handling. But can you really put a price on a Cinderella?

(via SportsNetNY)