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2011 NFL Pro Day Schedule: Cam Newton To Work Out On 3/8

The NFL Combine is over, but that doesn't mean that NFL teams will not have an opportunity to watch prospects to go through drills out of "football" context. Most programs will host their own pro days, which offers players a chance to go through most of the same drills that they took part in at the Combine, but in a much more controlled environment. You can see the full schedule of Pro Days here at Mocking The Draft.

Pro Days are particularly important for quarterbacks, because it gives them the opportunity to go through throwing drills with their own receivers, who they likely have a much better feel for than the guys that they just met at the Combine. Many of the quarterbacks who elect not to throw at the Combine do so because they would rather throw under the much more controlled environment of their own Pro Day.

The Pro Day that will probably generate the most interest is the Auburn pro day that will feature Cam Newton on March 8. Newtown is the biggest lightning rod prospect in the Draft this year, and he didn't perform particularly well at the Combine. His Pro Day will be a great opportunity to show that was a fluke.

As for the local teams, Maryland will be hosting their Pro Day on March 16, and Virginia and Virginia Tech on March 17.