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Georgetown Vs. Cincinnati: Hoyas Close Regular Season Out On A Wimper With Loss

The Hoyas knew that losing senior guard Chris Wright would hurt, but they didn't know that it'd hurt this much. Georgetown lost to the Cincinnati Bearcats 69-47 to end their season on a three game losing streak.

In the first half, it was a back and forth affair between the Hoyas and the Bearcats, with both teams going into halftime with Cincinnati 30-24. But in the second half, it was the Bearcats taking over. Cincinnati was able to pull away on the last ten minutes of the game, as they kept padding their lead as Georgetown was seemingly unable to answer any of their scores.

The Hoyas' leading scorer was  Austin Freeman, who scored 21 points. After that, there was not a lot of offense from the Hoyas. The absence of Wright was felt throughout the afternoon, as it seemed as if Georgetown was unable to run it's offense all afternoon, looking ineffective in the half court. 

Now that the regular season is over, the Hoyas will go into the Big East tournament trying to regain some of their swagger. The good news for them is that eventually Wright will return to the lineup, giving a big boost to the team. Although the Hoyas don't have to worry about getting into the NCAA tournament, they still would like to have a good showing in the tournament so that they can improve their tournament seeding.