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NHL Playoffs 2011 VIDEO: Capitals Fan Throws Ice At John Tortorella

(video via PuckDaddy)

So a Caps fan may have gotten a little too into last night's game, as someone can be seen in the above video throwing ice at a Rangers assistant coach and head coach John Tortorella. 

The assistant coach hesitated for just a moment, turned around, and then hit the glass with his clipboard (clearly ticked off, too).

It was a display that wouldn't exactly make Ted Leonsis proud.

In fact, he stated as much in his latest blog entry:

I ask for some dignity and consideration by all fans. Throwing items onto the ice or in the arena is simply unacceptable. If you are found to be a culprit, our security people have been instructed to find you and escort you out of the building. We would suspend you as a season ticket holder. This is dangerous and unacceptable.

But while Ted was quick to scold those who would act this way during a game, he also was quick to praise fans who showed restraint in the face of a Rangers fans' obscenities:

I also want to note that I saw true restraint last night as I saw a Rangers fan running up the stairs near our box; scream an ugly curse word at one of our fans; and then as he returned offered his back-handed middle finger to the entire set of rows as he ran down the stairs. His gesture was met with a chant by Caps fans and some laughter but not by anything more dangerous. I asked security if we should eject the person but as we watched he calmed down and all remained good and focused on the game.

So, lessons learned: Don't throw ice at an opposing bench, and laugh when an opposing fan flicks you off.