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Donovan McNabb Trade To Vikings Remains Possibility, According To Report

Donovan McNabb is likely to be traded by the Washington Redskins before the start of the next football season after a tumultuous first year in which he fell out of favor with coach Mike Shanahan. There appears to be one team that is most interested at this point: the Minnesota Vikings.

After ESPN's Adam Schefter said he "sensed" McNabb wanted to play there, Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the interest is mutual.

The Vikings are indeed one of the teams interested in McNabb, according to two people with knowledge of the situation who spoke on condition of anonymity. But obviously, no deal could be made until there is a new collective bargaining agreement.    

Jones reports that the Vikings are unwilling to surrender much value because they feel the Redskins "tipped their hand" in regard to any future McNabb might have in D.C. In fact, one WFAN radio personality says the trade is already in progress, though of course that is just a rumor.

McNabb will have to restructure his contract in any trade, so he has a degree of freedom in deciding where he ends up going. The Vikings have a void at quarterback with Brett Favre's likely retirement.