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2011 Final Four Schedule And Announcers For VCU Vs. Butler, Kentucky Vs. UConn

The 2011 NCAA Basketball season will draw to a close this weekend. Only four teams remain, and at least two of them are major surprises.

Without a single No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the Final Four for the first time ever, CBS is probably pretty worried about its ratings. But we'll still be watching. Here's the full schedule for tonight's games:

Butler and Kentucky will each enter tonight's games as 2.5 point favorites against their opponents, meaning that both games should be pretty close. That's basically a toss-up.

With the No. 8 Bulldogs facing the No. 11 Rams in the early game, we're guaranteed to have one high seed in the championship game, which will take place on Monday night on CBS.