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VIDEO: VCU Basketball's All-Access Road To 2011 Final Four

CBS did a feature on the VCU Rams journey to the Final Four on today's pre game show. It was a behind the scenes type look at the VCU run, with plenty of motivational speeches from Shaka Smart to his team, telling them that they should not be satisfied because people still think they are not worthy of being where they are.

It started with their journey after they had made the Sweet 16, with cameras following them on campus as they prepared to take on Florida State.

Pretty interesting stuff. They even follow the players into their hotel rooms (which is a little creepy, if you ask me).The best part is Shaka Smart doing an actual dive during halftime of the Kansas game. Great to see. Here's the .gif (click image to see):


VCU has obviously been fueled by their doubters throughout the tournament , and have done their best to prove each and every one of them wrong.

(Thanks to @jose3030 for the video and the GIF)