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Final Four 2011, VCU Vs. Butler: Shaka Smart Discusses VCU's Media Strategy

VCU's NCAA Tournament run is over after a 70-62 loss to Butler in the 2011 Final Four. Along the way, the No. 11 seed Rams shocked America and somehow defeated five straight power-conference teams to do it. Many felt VCU didn't even deserve to be in the field as an at-large team, something that VCU coach Shaka Smart continued to remind his team as it advanced.

Smart was asked about that in the post-game press conference following the loss to Butler, and he explained that he made a decision when the tournament started to pursue that strategy. 

Everyone talks about the way that we've utilized the media doubting us. I made the decision at the beginning of the NCAA tournament that we could either ignore what people were saying or we could go right back at 'em. And with today's social media, today's media, it's so hard to ignore. So our guys did a great job of sinking their teeth into that. And it brought our team closer together, brought our players really tight    

You certainly can't argue with the results.