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Shocker: Not Everyone Involved With Preakness Is Thrilled By Kegasus


Remember Kegasus, the new mascot of the 2011 Preakness that is trying to convince people to come and have a good time (i.e. drink) at the event? Believe it or not, there are people who aren't so thrilled with the idea of him. Shocking, I know. Make sure you have plenty of room for your jaw to drop.

In a recent Maryland Racing Commission meeting, several people expressed their displeasure with the idea that the mascot is promoting excessive consumption of alcohol. 

Via Sandra McKee of the Baltimore Sun:

Commissioner John McDaniel said he had "issues" last year with Pimlico's "Get Your Preak On" campaign and noted there has been a lot of "what were they thinking?" moments this year.

McDaniel said he didn't want to put MJC president and chief operating officer Tom Chuckas on the spot, but then asked him, "What were you thinking?"    

Chuckas went into a long-winded explanation that involved him saying that Kegasus is promoting a good time, not excessive alcohol celebration (riiight). Then, he closed with this line.

"The people who don't like it are traditionalist and old people. And I'm telling you, if we don't get young people out here we're done."    

You hear that, opponents of Kegasus? You're all a bunch of old people! Kegasus doesn't speak to you! You're not a bunch of no-nonsense people that totally embody the idea of having a good time! Superhero centaurs like Kegasus have no time for your lameness.