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Stan Kasten Is 'Front Runner' To Take Over Los Angeles Dodgers Team President Role, According To Report

It sounds like we haven't heard the last of Stan Kasten. The former Washington Nationals team president is currently the "front runner" to take a major leadership role with the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to XM Radio host and former Nationals' general manager Jim Bowden.

Stan Kasten is the front runner to run the day to day operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers.He is no longer an owner of the Nats or any role

Bowden used to work for Kasten, so he would know if Kasten is indeed in the picture. Kasten, in retrospect, seems like an obvious choice after Major League Baseball elected to take over the team due to the financial problems of former owners Frank and Jamie McCourt. He has always had an excellent reputation league-wide, especially with commissioner Bud Selig. Kasten tends to operate more in the business side of things, which means GM Ned Colletti should keep his job.

Kasten resigned as Nationals team president last September, in what many felt occurred due to a philosophical difference with ownership.