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Maryland Basketball To Play In Puerto Rico Tip-Off, Field Finalized

The Maryland basketball team will take part in the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, one of several preseason college basketball tournaments. On Wednesday, the field for the event was finalized, and it includes several formidable opponents for the Terps.

The Terps will compete against Purdue, Alabama, Temple, Colorado, Iona, Western Michigan and Wichita State, according to ESPN's press release. Two of those teams -- Purdue and Temple -- made the NCAA Tournament last season, and two others -- Alabama and Colorado -- were bubble teams that barely missed. All seven of those teams were in the postseason last year, with Purdue and Temple in the NCAA Tournament, Wichita State, Colorado and Alabama in the NIT and Western Michigan and Iona in the College Invitational Tournament.

The Puerto Rico Tip-Off will take place from November 17 to 20. First-round matchups have not yet been announced. With four power-conference schools and four mid-majors, the obvious guess is that Maryland would face either Temple, Iona, Wichita State or Western Michigan.