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2011 NFL Draft Results: Dallas Cowboys Select Tyron Smith

The Dallas Cowboys have decided to protect their Hollywood quarterback with a Los Angeles lineman. With pick #9 in the 2011 NLF Draft, the Cowboys and showboaty owner Jerry Jones did indeed choose go for an offensive widebody in the first round. In fact, Dallas actually traded down and made this selection, the first time Jerry Jones has ever traded down in his 22 years of running "America's (Texas) Team."

Dallas chose the 6'6", 340 LB Smith out of Southern California, with the hope of course that he will protect Tony Romo's blindside for years to come. Which Tony will most certainly like, as he's been getting faceplanted into the new fieldturf at Cowboys Stadium for the last two years.

It did appear that Dallas may have had a deal on the table prior to making their ultimate choice, but perhaps for once the BoTox worked in favor of owner Jones' and his unwilling subservients, leading to an O-Line choice. Either way, QB Tony is smiling from his Atlantis suite. Or blackjack table.