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NCAA Championship Game 2011: Butler Leads UConn 22-19

It hasn't been pretty, but the first half of the 2011 NCAA Championship Game has come to end with the Butler Bulldogs holding onto a 22-19 lead over the Connecticut Huskies.

Both teams are shooting the ball poorly with Butler and UConn shooting a combined 15-for-58. Butler is shooting 22 percent, but luckily for them, five of their six field goals are three-pointers. Shelvin Mack hit one with one second left to break the tie before the half.

Kemba Walker leads the Huskies with seven points. Mack leads the Bulldogs with seven of his own. Matt Howard has been ineffective thus far with only five points on 1-for-6 shooting and two rebounds.

UConn is taking advantage of their size and strength advantage by disrupting Butler's offensive flow, but a low-scoring game plays into the latter's hands. It is possible that neither team will break the 60-point mark. The last title game when neither team broke the 60-point mark was in the pre-shot clock era of 1983 when N.C. State upset Houston 54-52.