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Andy Najar To Play For Honduras National Team, According To Report

According to Steven Goff at the Washington Post's Soccer Insider, Andy Najar will commit to play for the Honduran National team today, which means that he won't be playing the U.S. National team like so many had hoped.

Najar is now 18, and has lived in the U.S. for four years. As a result, people were hoping that he would wait the required few years and attain U.S. citizenship so that he may play for the American National Team. With his commitment today, that probably will never happen. Goff explains why.

Najar, the 2010 MLS rookie of the year, could’ve waited for U.S. eligibility, but by choosing Honduras now, he has the opportunity to play for the Catrachos this summer at the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the regional championship. Depending on Honduras’ qualification success, he could also play in the Under-20 World Cup this summer in Colombia and the Olympics next year in London.

Najar would have been an exciting player for the U.S. National team, but the Honduran National team means an earlier opportunity to get some notoriety earlier in his career.