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Piston Vs. Wizards: John Wall, Washington Eye Three-Game Win Streak

The Wizards have two two-game win streaks this season. If John Wall and Co. win Tuesday night, it would be their first three-game win streak all year. Now if you'd please welcome the 26-56 Pistons to the Verizon Center!

Think it's been ugly in Washington this season? Throw out the records and Detroit introduces some situations that could make only a Wizards fan smile and nod. Inconsistent rotations, unclear future? Sure. Full on player mutiny, too.

Detroit could give the Wizards problems, however. The Pistons have won the last eight meetings between the teams, after all. Will Bynum could give John Wall trouble if his strength can cancel out Wall's speed. Richar Hamilton's height could be a problem for Jordan Crawford. Greg Monroe should test Andray Blatche's interest in defense.

Questions before tonight's game:

> Can Andray Blatche continue to perform as he has in his last two games? Flip Saunders gave much of the credit to Blatche's fresh legs. We'll see if that holds up on Tuesday.

>Will the Pistons be interested in competing? Can the Wizards take them out of it early?

> Is Marat Kogut the best NBA referee name? It is until someone provides something better ...