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Despite Possible NFL Lockout, Redskins' Season Ticket Policy Unchanged

Despite the prospect of an NFL Lockout, the Washington Redskins will not change their season ticket policy. Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the Redskins are still requesting that season ticket packages be paid in full by May 1, though season ticket holders will be refunded if any games are missed.

"It's business as usual," Redskins Senior Vice President Tony Wyllie said. "But we have promised that if any games are missed, they have their choice of full refund or credit to next year."

Before one criticizes the Redskins for thinking about profit over all else as usual, keep in mind that 27 other teams are requesting the same thing. Only four NFL teams -- the Giants, Jets, Panthers and Bills -- are not requesting the full season-ticket package by May 1. The Giants are not requiring season-ticket holders to pay anything up front, while the other three teams are requiring only a fraction of the package.

Despite this, not all fans are happy they had to fork over the season tickets now. Two fans told Jones that they did it, but did so reluctantly and did not think it is right for the team to ask their fans for money without guaranteeing that games will actually be played.