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Wizards Vs. Pacers: John Wall, Washington Could Nab Fourth-Straight Win In Indy

The Wizards face the Pacers in Indiana on Wednesday night. When the teams' last met, Washington was in the first throes of a seven-game losing streak. The Pacers walked out of Verizon Center with a win and the score was ugly.

This time the situation is somewhat different. For example, who thought we'd see this pregame tweet:

Wizards Vs Pacers

That's right, the Washington Wizards have won three games in a row for the first time in ... well ... a long time. I implore you to read Trey Kerby's list of things that have happened since the Wizards last accomplished this feat at The Basketball Jones.

Four in a row could be dangerous. What I mean is, Wizards fans might riot like they were Maryland fans. I advise hiding your valuables and putting on your flame-retardant pajamas just in case.

As Mike Prada pointed out at Bullets Forever, the Pacers have lost to Detroit, Toronto, Minnesota and Sacramento in the past month or so. So ... this could happen! Four in a row.

For more on the Wizards, check out Bullets Forever. For the opposite view, check out SB Nation's Pacers blog, Indy Cornrows as well as the SB Nation Indiana regional site.