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Wizards Vs. Celtics: John Wall, Washington Catch Boston In Bounce-Back Game

This is not ideal for the Wizards. Washington strolls into Boston for a match vs. a Celtics team that just got trashed by Eastern Conference-leading Chicago. The Celtics should be mad. Washington should be scared.

Boston already had motivation for this one. The last time these team's met, John Wall banked in a three-pointer to lift the Wizards to a surprising win in the game's final minute.

John Wall admitted it was luck after the game. Doc Rivers? He wasn't pleased: "Let's just say that was the basketball gods punishing us for the way we played," the Celtics coach said. Tonight it might be the Wizards who get punished.

Looking beyond the context of these particular teams, there's a more troubling aspect for Washington. After piecing together a three-game win streak for the first time since Obama was elected president, the Wizards goofed on the road in a 136-112 loss to Indiana.

We've debated whether or not the Wizards homestretch will have any bearing on next serious (reminder: I decided not really), but as Jordan Crawford said, this is a team of men. And men do not like to go out and lose every night -- especially not in embarrassing fashion. Let's see if the Wizards compete tonight in Boston.