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Nationals Vs. Braves: Washington Eyes Series Sweep In Atlanta

The Washington Nationals have already claimed the series victory over the Atlanta Braves, but on Thursday night, the Nationals break out the brooms and try to do something they haven't done to the Braves in a series since 2009: sweep them. For the past two games, the Nationals have pulled out a tight win and an extra-innings win over the reeling Braves. Things have not gone as Atlanta planned, and suddenly the Nationals are looking to finish them off and leave Atlanta riding a three-game winning streak.

The Nationals are sending out "The-Pitcher-That-Never-Smiles," right-hander Jordan Zimmermann (2-4, 4.10 ERA) to stare down batters. All the heroes of Wednesday night's game, like shortstop Ian Desmond, right fielder Jayson Werth and left fielder Laynce Nix, will support him. Nix, starting in his eighth consecutive game for the Nationals, has been told he will remain in the lineup until he cools off. The Nationals hope that isn't anytime soon.

To leave Atlanta with the sweep, Washington will have to get by Atlanta's Derek Lowe (3-3, 3.22 ERA).


Roger Bernadina - CF

Ian Desmond - SS

Jayson Werth - RF

Laynce Nix - LF

Adam LaRoche - 1B

Danny Espinosa - 2B

Ivan Rodriguez - C

Alex Cora - 3B

Jordan Zimmermann - SP