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Preakness Stakes 2011: No Need For Day Change, Renovate Pimlico Race Course Instead

Earlier in the week, it was reported that officials are considering moving the Preakness Stakes to Sundays in the future. The thought of course being a Sunday race allows the entire weekend to be a revenue generator, not just Friday and Saturday. Well, Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun sees no reason to move the race to Sunday. Instead, he thinks officials should focus on fixing the facility itself, Pimlico Race Course:

Here's my take: The Preakness doesn't need fixing. The Preakness is just fine. If MID and Penn National Gaming want to do something to enhance the Preakness experience for race fans, we should be talking about a significant upgrade at one of the nation's most historic racetracks, which would have a positive impact beyond just the third Saturday in May.

Schmuck isn't the only person who feels improving Pimlico is a must, whatever day the race might occur on in the future. None other than Maryland Jockey Club president Tom Chukas had this to say about the storied home of the Preakness Stakes:

"If the Preakness is to remain at Pimlico," Chukas said, "it's incumbent upon ownership to upgrade Pimlico, improve and increase the amenities and — based on what I see this year — add more inventory, which means more seats and spaces for the public."

So next year, how about we take all the money made at Stacy Keibler's InfieldFest and start putting it back into "Old Hilltop". Or hire Ty Pennington. Either will work.