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TV Sports Schedule, May 18: Nationals Vs. Mets, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs

If you didn't have any plans for tonight before you started reading this sentence, now you do. Here are the best sports on television tonight, and where and when you can watch them. All times Eastern. Follow the links to learn more about each of the teams listed below. Let's get right into it.


Nationals Vs. Mets, 7, MASN2: The weather doesn't look very good for New York today, or the rest of this week for that matter. But this one isn't in Washington, so maybe the folks over at Citi Field will be a little more hesitant to postpone it than the Nationals were yesterday. But still, its starting to look as though the Nationals shouldn't plan on having any off days for the rest of the season with all these cancellations.


Sharks Vs. Canucks, 9, Versus: The Canucks lead this series 1-0, and have a chance to get a pretty solid lead if they can earn the sweep at home.


Heat Vs. Bulls, 8:30, TNT: The Heat looked pretty bad in the first game of this series, so I'm expecting them to come out with a little bit more fire tonight. I can't imagine they'll give that type of effort two nights in a row.