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Preakness Stakes 2011 Contenders: King Congie

The 2011 Preakness Stakes is on Saturday, and we'll spend the days leading up to the big race previewing the horces that are in the field. First up is King Congie, here is a quick review of him from our racing blog, And Down The Stretch They Come.

King Congie is another colt that features a primarily speed-based pedigree. Offspring of his sire Badge of Silver have an average winning distance of 6.4 furlongs, while the progeny of damsire End Sweep win at an average distance of 6.5 furlongs. Badge of Silver's offspring tend to perform very well on wet surfaces, while End Sweep's progeny are merely average.

But King Congie also has the inspirational emotional story that will endear him to fans. Kellie Reilly of NBC Sports reports that Congie is named for the founder of the stable he was trained at, who died in February.

When King Congie lines up in Saturday's Preakness Stakes, the West Point Thoroughbreds colt will give his owners more than the usual reasons to cheer. His very presence recalls the remarkable life and legacy of his namesake, Congie DeVito.