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VIDEO: Osama Bin Laden Death Causes Phillies, Mets Fans To Chant 'USA! USA!'


Today, we are all Americans, and today, we stand in solidarity with those who root for sports teams who our local teams oppose. On Sunday night, as word of Osama Bin Laden's death spread, word reached the fans that were at the Phillies vs. Mets game. The immediate response was to go to their phones and try to come to terms with the news.


The next response? Stand together and chant "USA! USA" over and over and over again. The players on the field may have been confused, but rest assured, had they known exactly what happened, they would have been chanting too. New York fans certainly have reason to chant after the devastating of the September 11 attacks, and Phillies fans certainly have reason as well. The news wasn't officially announced by president Barack Obama until after the game ended, but in the world of Twitter and social media, news of Bin Laden's death in Pakistan spread.


In a few days, we can all go back to hating each other as sports fans. For right now, though, we should stand together just like these fans did.