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Washington Redskins Coaches Renounce Themselves From Coaches' Brief Supporting Players In NFL Lockout

The Washington Redskins' coaching staff has sent a letter signed by 17 members to the league to say they do not support an Amicus Brief filed by the NFL Coaches Association in support of ending the lockout. In the letter, the Redskins coaches say they stand with ownership and that the brief does not represent their point of view.

NFL Network's Albert Breer has the story.

From the Skins coaches' letter: "We stand united with our ownership and the brief does not reflect our thoughts on the matter."    

The Redskins claim their representative that supported the Amicus Brief is no longer with the organization, and that nobody else on staff was consulted. This is the first instance of a coaching staff saying publicly that they do not support the Amicus Brief, a document filed by a party tangentially related to the lawsuit about the lawsuit. That Amicus Brief suggested that continuing the lockout would "inflict significant economic harm and career risks on the coaches."

The Amicus Brief goes against the owners that are cutting the coaches' checks, so it was a significant power play in that sense. The Redskins' coaches evidently don't feel comfortable supporting that brief against owner Dan Snyder without being consulted first. Breer also reports that head coach Mike Shanahan was not among the 17 who signed it.