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MLB Draft 2011 Prospects: Francisco Lindor

The Nationals have two first round picks in the upcoming 2011 MLB Draft, and there will be some serious intrigue with their first pick at sixth overall. One of the options for them is Francisco Lindor, a shortstop from Montverde Academy in Florida. Here is a quick profile on him from our Minor League and Draft blog, Minor League Ball.

Lindor is one of the few players in this years’ draft to be a lock to stick at SS. The problem is his bat. He is a switch hitter with good bat control but not much power. He is a little stronger from the right side than the left. He could be an average SS defensively and in today’s game, that is very valuable but I don’t know it’s worthy of a top 10 pick like many are predicting.

Before deciding whether or not to take Lindor, the Nationals have to ask themselves how comfortable they are with Ian Desmond as the shortstop of the future for their franchise. He is still very young, and if they feel like he can man the middle for years to come, than they don't need to take LIndor, and can shift their attention to a pitcher, a much greater position of need. But Lindor has a lot of talent, so if they don't love Desmond, Lindor would make a great deal of sense.