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2011 NCAA Lacrosse Championship, Maryland Vs. Virginia: Terps Trail 6-4 Entering Final Quarter

The Maryland Terrapins have 15 minutes to make up a two-goal deficit in the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship in Baltimore. Both Maryland and Virginia scored once in the third quarter, meaning the Cavaliers have a 6-4 lead entering the final frame.

Colin Briggs gave Virginia a three-goal lead when he sped past Brian Farrell and scored a bad-angle shot with 12:18 remaining. Virginia's defense bore down until Maryland finally broke a 15-minute scoring drought with a long shot from Grant Catalino with 6:58 remaining to cut Virginia's lead to 6-4. Those were the only goals of the quarter.

The Terps could get no closer because of their own sloppiness. First, Kevin Cooper turned it over on a pass in the Virginia zone, and then Niko Amato made a rare horrible outlet pass for another turnover. The Terps will begin the fourth quarter with a man advantage after John Haldy was called for a cross-checking penalty in the closing seconds of the third.