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MLB Draft 2011 Prospects: Archie Bradley

If there is one thing the Nationals need, it's pitching. Sure, they can't put runs up on the board, but that should get a little bit better when Ryan Zimmerman gets back into the lineup, and Bryce Harper makes his debut sometime in the next couple years. The Nationals need some young pitchers, and with the sixth overall pick in the first round of the upcoming 2011 MLB Draft, they'll have a chance to add one. One such prospect, is Archie Bradley, a high school pitcher from Broken Arrow High in Oklahoma. Here is an excerpt from a profile on Bradley from Minor League Ball.

University of Oklahoma recruit. Rated a likely first-rounder pre-season and still does. Has football leverage since he's a great quarterback, too. Athletic, mid-90s fastball, good breaking ball, reasonable level of polish for a young power pitcher, competitive makeup. Would be a top ten guy in a thinner class and might still get there.

Bradley has good size for a pitcher, and will probably develop even more strength as he gets older. If the Nationals want to take a guy with potential in the first round, this would be a good place to start.