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Phillies Vs. Nationals: Washington Looks To Solve Cliff Lee, Philadelphia

The Washington Nationals missed their chance to get to the Philadelphia Phillies when Roy Halladay wasn't pitching his best on Monday, losing 5-4 despite hitting three home runs. As a reward, the Nationals will get Cliff Lee in the second game of a three-game series on Tuesday.

The Nationals are free-falling, having lost 10 of 12, including three straight one-run games. Things continue to get worse, which is bad because the Phillies continue to improve. Philadelphia now owns the best record in the Majors and has continued to dominate the Nationals, with their fans invading their stadium to add insult to injury.

Jason Marquis will oppose Lee on Tuesday, as he hopes to rebound from his second loss of the season. Ivan Rodriguez will start behind the plate for Wilson Ramos. Here is the complete Nationals' lineup:

  1. Roger Bernadina (CF)
  2. Ian Desmond (SS)
  3. Jayson Werth (RF)
  4. Michael Morse (1B)
  5. Danny Espinosa (2B)
  6. Ivan Rodriguez (C)
  7. Jerry Hairston (3B)
  8. Brian Bixler (LF)
  9. Jason Marquis (P