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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Jan Vesely, Klay Thompson To Washington Wizards In Chad Ford's Mock

Let's turn our gaze to the 2011 NBA Draft, shall we? ESPN's Chad Ford released his first mock draft (Read here, if you have ESPN Insider) of the year. In it, the Wizards select European forward Jan Vesely at No. 4.

Here's Ford with the scoop:

The Wizards won the draft lottery last year and brought in a thoroughbred in John Wall. What they need is an athletic forward to run the floor with him. Most Euros wouldn't come close to fitting that bill, but Vesely might be the exception. He's terrific in transition and an explosive leaper -- a rarity for Eastern European kids.

He's been a starter in the Euroleague for the past few years, and while his numbers don't necessarily wow you, his game looks like it will translate better at the next level. A bit of a risky pick, but after Irving and Williams are off the board, all the picks are risky.

Yup, that's the plan: fill out the roster to compliment John Wall's strengths. In that respect, an athletic forward that can run the floor would be a nice piece to assist Wall on what are often one-man breaks. I've mentioned before that Vesely best fits that bill around the position that the Wizards are likely to pick.

But the draft order isn't set in stone, so Ford's most relevant point might be this: if the Wizards don't land a top two pick, they might as well swing for the fences. Right now, it's boom or bust with Vesely.

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At No. 18: Klay Thompson, G (Washington State)

Nick Young is heading into free agency, and the Wizards could use another shooter in their backcourt to complement Wall. Thompson rivals Fredette as the best shooter in the draft and would be a great fit for the Wizards.

A shooter would be welcome in Washington, no doubt. The Wizards ranked No. 28 in the league in Effect Field Goal percentage from behind the arc. Rashard Lewis' return will help, but after him John Wall is the best "marksman" under contract for next season, and he shot 29 percent from deep in 2010-11. Not good.

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