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Washington Redskins Are 'Frontrunners' To Sign Vince Young, According To Report

The NFL offseason cannot commence until the NFL lockout is lifted, but now that the NFL Draft is over, there will be reports all over the place. The Washington Redskins, of course, still need a quarterback after not taking one in the 2011 NBA Draft. Therefore, it makes some sense that one rumor suggests they are the frontrunner to land likely free agent Vince Young

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has the report:

I'm hearing the Redskins are the front-runner for his services, so it'll be interesting to see if the Dolphins get in the game.    

CSN Washington's Rich Tandler writes that this is "not the first talk" he's heard of Young to the Redskins. Young, of course, flamed out in his final year in Tennessee, being benched after sparring with Jeff Fisher. He certainly doesn't seem like the kind of quarterback Mike Shanahan desires, though, so it's important no to read too much into it.