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Stan Kasten No Longer Part Owner Of Washington Nationals

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports in his Nationals Journal that Stan Kasten has confirmed he no longer owns any portion of the Washington Nationals:

Former Nationals president Stan Kasten sold his ownership stake in the Nationals this March and is no longer a part owner of the team, Kasten said in an e-mail today. There had been some rumblings about this for some time, but Kasten publicly acknowledged his official parting with the Nationals today.

Kasten's sale of his final ownership stake in March comes just months after he stepped down as president of the team, in September of 2010. Kasten was Nats team president for five years and had his hands in almost every aspect of the organization during his tenure.

Though still close with the Lerners, this seems like the final step in a full break from the organization for Kasten:

Before March, Kasten had remained semi-active in some facets of the organization, including helping to finalize a new radio contract, dealing with legal matters in the Dominican Republic and researching new potential spring training sites.

No word yet on what Stan's future plans may be, though there have been rumblings MLB Commissioner Bud Selig may ask Kasten to help baseball fix the quagmire that currently is the Los Angeles Dodgers.