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VIDEO: University Of Maryland Students, Media React To Gary Williams' Retirement

Fans and media alike came out to College Park to bid farewell to Maryland's legendary basketball coach. Here's a compilation video of reaction from both fans and media on Gary Williams' departure.

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So while the new of Maryland's AD swinging and msising yet again during a coaching search, we felt it important to still reflect on Gary Williams' 22 year tenure at Maryland. I went down to College Park Friday morning and got some reaction from fans and media alike on the legendary coach's retirement. Above is a compilation of some of the reaction given to the news of Gary's retirement as well as the fans' and media's favorite memories of Gary Williams. Needless to say, there are a lot of folks who are going to miss Gary's ritual of pre game fist pumps.


Note: There are some technical difficulties with some of the shots, ie some widescreen shots and some not. Also, special thanks to Chick Hernandez of CSN, Mike Wise and Liz Clake of the Post, and Eric Hayes for giving their thoughts.