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New Wizards Jerseys, Colors, Logo To Be Unveiled Tuesday Morning

The Washington Wizards will finally unveil their new jerseys, logo and red, white and blue team colors in a ceremony at 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. The move has long been in the works, having been revealed accidentally by general manager Ernie Grunfeld last September, and will be perhaps the most visual way owner Ted Leonsis has put his stamp on the franchise since officially taking over for Abe Pollin about one year ago.

There have been many spin-off models suggested on the Internet in the wake of the announcement, but we do know that the jerseys will have some red in it, the logo will change and the name "Wizards" will likely be de-emphasized a bit. However, there will be no name change, at least not yet.

The Wizards will unveil the jerseys at 11 a.m. on their practice court, and the ceremony will be available on Comcast SportsNet, as well as on the team's website. John Wall and Jordan Crawford will be the two current players modeling the new jerseys, while Elvin Hayes and Bobby Dandridge will also be present. Leonsis, Grunfeld and coach Flip Saunders will all be at the ceremony as well.

We will have ongoing coverage in this StoryStream. For more, check back here and go to Bullets Forever.