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MLB Draft 2011 Prospects: Dylan Bundy

The Washington Nationals are already a young baseball team, but they are not directly on the cusp of contention, so there really isn't any harm in continuing to get younger. Particularly in the pitching staff. Their two first round picks are a good opportunity to do that, and at six overall, they will have a pretty good chance of adding an elite young arm. One of those plaeyrs could be Dylan Bundy. Here is a quick profile of Bundy from Minor League Ball.

University of Texas recruit. Mid-90s fastball with sinking action, also a plus curveball. An Oklahoma-based observer raved about the breaking ball to me. Shorter and stockier than (Archie) Bradley, but just as strong, and has more present polish. Like Bradley, he would be a lock for the top ten or even top five most years, but might go a bit lower this year, though whoever picks him will still have to cough up some money.

Well, coughing up some money hasn't been a problem recently for the Nationals, so I don't think that would prevent them from picking him. If they want to go with a young arm, Bundy could be a good choice.